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Scary Tales

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This fabulously funny collection contains familiar rhymes that have been fractured and reshaped into something quirky and ever so slightly spooky. In this book you'll find Mary doesn't have a little lamb - she has a little ghost; Little Miss Muffet is now a sassy witch and Humpty Dumpty becomes a little Frankenstein. Even the classic Old MacDonald had a Farm hasn't escaped a revamp.

Along with the familiar rhymes are new ones that are sure to become favourites like, My Dog Turned into a Vampire and Liar, Liar.

There's lots of quirky fractured rhymes along with interesting facts in the Did You Know section, there's a bunch of scary jokes and some activities for the whole family to do.


Title: Scary Tales - Rhymes for Brave Children 

Author: Judi Billcliff

Illustrator: Deborah Hinde 

Publisher: PictureBook Publishing 

First published October 2018

ISBN: 978-0-473-48304-3

Soft cover  - section sewn perfect bound 

Matt laminated 

242mm x 250mm 

32 pages full colour