Figgy & Co Laundry Powder

Figgy & Co Laundry Powder

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Laundry powder without the itch

  • Made with sensitive skin in mind, ideal for babies, allergies and eczema
  • Front loader, top loader and hand washing suitable
  • You’ll recognise our ingredients – no icky chemicals here.
  • Free from synthetic fragrance, detergent, enzymes and optical brighteners.
  • No fillers because they don’t clean anything – concentrated so you use less
  • Grey water and septic tank safe

Figgy & Co Laundry Powder is made from recognisable ingredients (like pure soap) to properly clean clothes, using no damaging detergents, optical brighteners or enzymes. The simple formula won’t leave any residue or fragrance on the fabric because we think your skin deserves to hang out in clothes, sleep on sheets, and be dried with towels that won’t put any irritants on it. And we also think our waterways deserve to be clean and fresh too.

Do you know that it’s a myth that you need to put lots of powder into your machine to clean your clothes? And if anyone tells you that fragrance is proof the clothes are fresh they’re telling porkies.

Our tub is 750g- that’s enough for 37 loads of washing.

Available in:

  • fragrance free
  • grapefruit & tea tree
  • rose & sweet orange

To use:
This powder is concentrated, so you don’t need much. For top or front loading machines put 1 tablespoon per 6kg load of washing and adjust for smaller, large or super soiled loads. Reduce the dose for HE machines. It performs well in all temperatures and is optimal in warmer water with a longer wash cycle. It’s also kind on septic tank/grey water systems and is safe for both delicates and machine washable woollens.

Tip: For everyday washing with one or two stains, pre-treat just the stain, rather than upping the dose of your laundry powder. We recommend Figgy Bar Soap for this.

Ingredients: Washing soda, baking soda, borax, Figgy home cleaning castile* soap

Want to know more?
Detergent free
Skin friendly
Low allergen
No fillers
Palm oil free
Waterway safe
NZ made Figgy & Co castile* soap
No fake fragrance
No optical brighteners
No dyes or enzymes
No hormone disruptors
No animal products or testing
Septic and grey water safe
*Pure liquid Castile soap is a traditionally made vegetable soap free from animal fats. Batch made on the Kapiti Coast by Figgy & Co. Specially formulated for cleaning & 100% detergent free.